1997, Pirapora, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Lives and works in Pirapora, Minas Gerais, Brazil

When I was born a fry, in 1997, amid the glow of Northern Minas Gerais, I was bathed and named after my father, Davi de Jesus do Nascimento. I live by the river, a barranqueiro curimatá, supporter of muvucas, and a sharp writer. Conceived by the banks of Rio São Francisco – the watercourse of my life –, I work collecting affections of riverine ancestry and noticing “almost rivers” in arid land. I was raised inside the emboloso of the bowl of carranca artisans, fishermen, and
washerwomen. The weight of carrying the river on my back drinks from the headwaters of the first suns I cried in life. Supporting the carranca on my back has made me feel the strength of the wind of my taboca, curved on the continuity of my loose rabiola that spiraled down, wrapping a snail gong to the right heel like a snake, bait, fish, and stone.