1991, Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil
Lives and works in Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil

Artist-etc.; creative director, set lighting designer, set designer, cultural producer, researcher of relationships, the body, and power; a literacy educator and Political Philosophy student since 2017. She has held the position of manager/coordinator at Maloca Centro Cultural since 2019. She is one of the voices that compose the local scene of knowledge on decolonial pedagogy, dedicating to the epistemic rupture of practices of institutional power. She is the first non-binary
intersectional/transfeminist in Sorocaba territory to popularize knowledges concerning gender, sexuality, and queerness.

She studied Gender and Sexuality at Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA) in 2014, where she began to organize poetic-scientific meetings as a way of activating space and recovering memory,
alongside powerful names such as Viviane Vergueiro and Raewyn Connell. Ella Vieira is interested in looking at the city as an aesthetic, psycho-geographic medium—the effects that the geography and set design of a given space exert on a subject’s affective psychology: “The city is this space of games, where we can create our own rules in order to go beyond cultural limitations and social control.” The artist’s research gathers elements from urban surroundings, the common quotidian life, matter, and residue found by chance, making everyday changes and transformations evident.