1986, Santa Luzia do Tide, Maranhão, Brazil 
Lives and works in Paço do Lumiar, Maranhão, Brazil

The artist has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and creates a transit between a house backyard and the streets. She uses images that still carry historical traumas of the Brazilian people, thinking of a way to appropriate them to bring on new narratives that can work out happier possibilities, as the artist feels that our happiness is at risk.

She continues to be inspired by everyday occurrences, in the confrontation between the colonizing hegemonic culture and its systems of art and communication, in the act of photographing bodies,
which take on several cut-outs through photomontage — analogue and digital collages —, returning in a second body that is revealed in the streets, through posters. The props used for printing are, for the most part, specific materials for each series, understanding them as a political and aesthetic field. She understands that this movement, bringing her works back to the streets, is a type of social education, which is shared with the individuals who are depicted and the population in general, to make people see it, to see themselves, to reflect on dyke bodies, graffiti art, and ancestry.