1990, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Lives and works in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

A Black feminist alárínjó and artist of transdisciplinary body, she develops auteur theater art, performance art, installation, photography, and audiovisual projects. She explores the limits of the Atlantic body, investigates trances and fluxes as means of producing presences. In 2017, she co- founded, with the artist Diego Araúja, the Àràká platform, which has established connections between experimental Black diasporic and African artists. In 2018, she conceived and coordinated “Fórum Obìnrín – Mulheres Negras, Arte Contemporânea e América Latina.”

She is the creator and performer of the ebó-play Obsessiva Dantesca (2016-2019) and has been part of the professional performing art scene in Salvador since 2011. She has attended several Brazilian festivals, including Festival Internacional das Artes Cênicas da Bahia (FIAC-BA), Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo (MIT-SP), and Festival Internacional de Teatro de Belo Horizonte (FIT-BH).