1988, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Lives and works in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

She is interested in the relationships that are produced between language, conflict, the body, and territory, where she creates and organizes a set of practices and reflections through different platforms of artistic exhibition, education, and experimentation. Through sculptures, copper on canvas, drawings, installations, prints, texts, and objects, her research aims to create a cosmology around the conflicts of language and body norms, in addition to amplifying a geopolitical debate that involves memory, environmental racism, economies of precariousness, ancestral technologies, sexual and gender dissidence, and the relations of power between discourse and the word.

By questioning how to speak of the difference without explaining it and performing a deconstruction of the geographies of the feminine, in 2020 she opened her notebooks for her first solo exhibition, Como Colocar Ar nas Palavras, at Galeria Leme, in São Paulo.