Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Lives and works in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Diego Araúja is a Brazilian artist who is participating in the #Frestas3edicao exhibition, has produced art in an expanded manner since 2011. His media is literary, visual, scenic-performative, and cinematographic, as he takes up the roles of director, dramaturge, screenwriter, and visual artist. He conducts the “Estética para um Não Tempo” (“Aesthetics for a Non-Time”) process, with the goal of establishing qualitative time periods for the production of emancipated Afrodiasporic memories.

In this work, he experiments with the creation of oríkì’s (Yorùbá oral literature), which generated the work Quaseilhas (Almostislands, 2018). In 2017, he co-founded the Àràká platform with artist Laís Machado. In 2018, he conceived a choreographic performance for the video installation A Marvellous Entanglement, by the British artist Isaac Julien. That same year, he took part in an artist-in-residence program at the Atlantic Center for the Arts (Florida), where he created the video
installation Oríkì das Araújas, experimenting with synthetic sound vibrations in the oríkì’s. In 2020, he joined an artist-in-residence program at Savvy Contemporary (Berlin). Currently, Araúja is
developing an authorial cinematographic work, as he organizes the foundation for the Laboratório Internacional de Crioulo (LIC).